Mission Statement

SOLA's mission is to award modest cash grants to female (self-identified) visual artists over 65 who are currently working and living in Washington State and have created a body of work spanning at least 20 years. 

The SOLA Grant

Founded in 2016 by Seattle artist Ginny Ruffner, The SOLA Grant seeks to encourage and celebrate accomplished women artists whose work has not been sufficiently or widely recognized. The award seeks to honor these women for their lifetime contribution to the arts and to recognize and reward their energy, vision, persistence and dedication to maintaining creative momentum over the long haul.

Candidates for the SOLA Grant are nominated each year by a team of statewide nominators selected from urban and rural areas across Washington. The artists who are nominated will be juried by a panel of art professionals to determine the grant recipient. SOLA will announce its first honoree in August 2017. 


How it Works

How to Donate

SOLA is a Washington State non-profit organization. Our current goal is to award one grant every year to qualified women artists across Washington State but we hope to extend the award to multiple recipients in succeeding years through our fundraising efforts. To that end, we are actively seeking donations to expand and broaden our outreach. We welcome and greatly appreciate your tax deductible support at any level.

SOLA Board of Directors

Who We Are