Susan Bennerstrom

Susan Bennerstrom

2020 Awardee

I grew up in an old farmhouse in the woods in undeveloped Bellevue.  I drew, painted, and constructed things continuously throughout childhood.  I studied art and art history at WWU from 1967 to 1970, at which point I dropped out and hitchhiked for six months in Europe, primarily in order to go to museums and fill my head with art.

I've been making art ever since, and it has been my sole livelihood since the late 1980s.  Travel is an essential part of my process.  My senses are filled and my imagination is reawakened when I'm outside my familiar territory. I draw and take photographs while traveling, and make paintings when I get home to the studio.

Making art is my life's purpose.

Example Work

A Red Painting

48 x 54 in.

A Way Out

48 x 54 in.

Bluster and Calm

48 x 40 in.


Moroccan Red


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